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CREATIVE Development


Acting as creative amplifier, I excel at turning concepts into realities. 


My education in-and-out of school has been eclectic but not random. When working in creative story telling, I pull from my expansive knowledge and peculiar life experiences to build bridges in places that might not be obvious. I bring a fresh perspective to every project. 


Continuity and meticulous attention to detail are trademarks of my work.


Much like restoring an old house I use my skills to support and renovate a project without destroying the integrity and beauty of the original idea.

As of 2019, I have been developing multiple scripts and assisting on breaking other stories from up-and-coming screenwriters. I am an active participant in a few screenwriting organizations and industry focused monthly meetings.


Please reach out to me directly for examples of my in-progress works and references.  




Animated Shorts & Series

YA Animated Series'

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Projects

Dark Comedy/Absurdist Humor

Trans Humanism Projects


Music Focused

LGBTQA Narratives

International Culture and Cuisine

Culinary Arts

Gaming Subculture

Immersive Experiences


Creative Development

Strategic Planning

Pattern Analysis

Content Creation

Story Development

Creative Problem Solver

World Building

Script Editing


Immersive Storytelling

Interactive Media

Augmented  & Virtual Realities

Audio-Visual Storytelling

Game Design


Stop Motion Animation

Science Fiction


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