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I like to approach my projects from a holistic view. I believe it’s important to understand story telling from every department and how they come together to create the final masterpiece. I've worked in various areas of pre-production, production and post-production, which has given me the understanding of the total process and guides my hand when creating the final image for my clients.


"Color is the Fiction of Light" ~ Andrea Martínez 


Ultimately color is just another tool to tell a story, convey a mood, or influence a thought. But without context and a deep understanding of story and motivation it is a worthless tool. 

As a colorist I have worked on Commercials, Digital Series’, Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Videos. 

Recently I worked with Dailies Division at Company 3 in both Features and Television.

At the moment, I am booking projects and a collaborations for Summer and Fall 2021. Please contact me with your creative brief or project information. 

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